tHe Draconian Fellowship

The Draconian Fellowship is a community-based NFT project on Polygon a L2 PoS blockchain. The Fellowship will
create a lending platform where one can use NFTs as collateral, offering quick liquidity to holders while still maintaining a position.


Lending is a key necessity to any successful ecosystem. Borrowing provides key liquidity that allows users to experiment and enter new positions, all while still maintaining their original position, eliminating the need to sell an NFT for liquidity.


Once upon a time, in a world far, far away, there lived an absolute being. This entity was the most powerful and feared creature in all the cosmos. It was the ruler of all the forces of nature, as well as the concepts that transcended them. One day, the Absolute decided that they wanted to create a universe of their own, where they could rule supreme and enjoy the actions of this new, mortal, world. Their used used their powers to create 13 tribes, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. Alongside this, the Absolute Being created 13 Trials, hidden in plain sight. Any tribe able to complete even a single trial would be immensely rewarded.The first tribe was the Ignir, who were known for their fierce loyalty to .....

underpromise and

The fellowship believes that actions and achievements speak for themselves, words are but a tool. True innovation requires risk and commitment. The fellowship is a prestigious and honorable conglomeration of individuals. We aim to be the light in the dark. The shadows of the night, and the masters of ourselves.

OUR team


Hi guys, I'm the founder here at TDF! I've worked in TradFi since I started college. I'm an avid chess enthusiast, piano player, and runner. I love physical activity and cannot bear to be idle all day. I've been investing ever since I was 15-16 and fell in love it. I entered the crypto space during COVID and have spent a little less than a year in the CNFT space. During that time, I've served as an advisor of projects such as Unbothered Wolves & RCC, an alpha caller for The Block, and as vice-chairman of the Ape Society DAO. More recently, I delved into MATIC.


Hi, I'm Michelangelo, I'm an artist since 2019. I do art 1/1 at SOL and have worked on a few ADA and MATIC projects. Without a doubt, I have loved recreating the art of Draconian Fellowship concentrating on realism and the details that this collection will carry. I hope many like what I've been working on for hours.